“Haiti” and “food” and “nutrition” are words not usually seen together as part of an optimistic statement, rather the opposite. But as we commemorate World Food Day I believe there is a lot that Haiti can bring to the table to find a sustainable solution to its stubborn malnutrition problem.   This may sound like the world’s best kept secret, but it is partly the result of people, including...
​ A look at the food security situation in India, the national food security bill that is now currently under review, and recommendations on the types of activities that need to accompany the bill in order to sustainably reduce food insecurity and malnutrition in India. Read the full blog on The Guardian's Poverty Matters Blog.
A look of the challenges that lie ahead to ensuring food and nutrition security​, from the eyes of Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever and Daniel Servitje, CEO of Group Bimbo. This op-ed piece is available from the Washington Post's Opinions website.
Three years from the deadline for reaching the Millennium Development Goals, two-thirds of countries will not reach MDGs 4 and 5 (child and maternal mortality, respectively). And now the second food price rise in three years is a wake-up call for the development community. In this context, the Global Monitoring Report 2012: Food Prices, Nutrition, and the Millennium Development Goals examines...


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