Farewell from SecureNutrition - Project closing June 30

Farewell from SecureNutrition - Project closing June 30


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“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together” – Anthony Bourdain

The unique thing about SecureNutrition has always been the team running it. Throughout our 7 years of sharing knowledge, it’s been an effort among friends. We’ve cycled in and out, “graduating” staff to take on PhDs, new jobs, different cities, and other transitions.

Within that constant change, have always been the following core tenets of the project:

  • Multisectoral approaches to nutrition are important to get right.
  • Institutions across the globe are producing high quality research and operations.
  • We should be coming together to continually assess best practice and strong evidence.

One of our biggest strengths was working across institutions. SecureNutrition did not tie itself to a particular way of doing good nutrition work, or hold fast to convictions that one organization had the best ideas. And, while it is generally agreed that the nutrition community likes a feisty debate, we approached our work as an ensemble all trying to get to the same outcomes of good health and wellbeing.

We thank you—all 6500+ of you—for reading, listening, and learning along with us. We thank you for walking along with us on the old site, for your direct contributions to making the new site better, faster, and stronger, and always for pointing out our typos and missing links.

From here, we’re working on a partial transition plan with other organizations. We hope that in a few months’ time you’ll hear more, and be able to enjoy relevant webinars and have a place to peruse (most of) the SecureNutrition library.

In the meantime, we encourage you to bookmark a few other sites that can help you find the programming information you need around multisectoral nutrition:

Again, our sincere thanks for being with us on this journey, and all our best to you as you strive to make the world a little more nutritious.


The SecureNutrition Team(s)
Aaron, Aira, Alessandra, Andrea, Ariana, Emmanuel, Florian, Jamie, Jose, Julia, Julie, Laura, Leslie, Mari, Mario, Monika, Yurie, Steven ...

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