Agrilinks: Increasing impacts in agriculture and food security through knowledge sharing

Agrilinks: Increasing impacts in agriculture and food security through knowledge sharing


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The Agrilinks website (, funded by USAID’s Bureau for Food Security, promotes the exchange of lessons learned and sharing of key technical approaches to increase impacts in agriculture and food security. Agrilinks connects practitioners around the world through a range of innovative knowledge sharing tools and techniques.

Agrilinks currently provides opportunities for agriculture and food security practitioners to:

All Agrilinks events are recorded and accessible online. Visit Agrilinks to view past event resources, including video interviews and Q&A sessions with presenters.  You can also contribute your organization’s upcoming events to the Agrilinks events listing.

Follow and contribute to the Agrilinks blog

The Agrilinks blog features current events and important topics related to agriculture and food security. Current blog series include:

  • It’s All About M&E: A peek inside the world of Feed the Future monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • News Roundup: Sharing news, resources, and events that grab our attention each week
  • Reader’s Corner: Commentary and recommendations from our agribusiness and food security specialist
  • Video Notes: Technical experts share insights in these short video interviews

Access technical guidance, recent publications and other resources through the library

  • Discover current resources with an enhanced, user-oriented search
  • Contribute your own resources to the sector's growing body of knowledge

Engage in discussion through the AgExchange multi-day online forum

These facilitated online discussions encourage practitioners to share their experiences, learn from peers, and advance the dialogue on critical issues. Participants can follow the discussion and contribute online or via email. View the most recent AgExchange, “Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and Effective Tools in Knowledge Sharing for Food Security and Agriculture Programs.”

Receive updates via email, social media, and RSS

If you have any questions please contact us at

Agrilinks is managed by the USAID Bureau for Food Security through the USAID KDMD Project.

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