Teale Yalch

Teale Yalch

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Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)


Teale Yalch is currently the Senior Associate at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). She works specifically within the Agriculture for Nutrition (AgNut) global program which promotes dietary diversity by helping businesses innovate and grow with the aim of improving the availability of nutritious foods. Under AgNut program, Teale supports a full portfolio of projects and manages the PLAN Network, coordinating the multitude of public and private actors addressing this challenge to collectively reduce loss and waste of nutritious food. Prior to working at GAIN, Teale completed her master’s degree at Duke University in International Development Policy where she focused on small scale farmers and sustainable value chains. She also has over three years working in the private sector with small businesses and was an Agroforestry Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa.