About Us

SecureNutrition works to bridge the operational knowledge gaps between nutrition and all of its underlying drivers. Our platform offers: a curated resource library; original events, blogs, and newsletters on multisectoral nutrition linkages; forum space on LinkedIn for community notices and discussion; social media and email dissemination; and, a hub for reaching potential partners and related networks.

The SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform (SNKP) was initiated in 2011 by a cross-sectoral team of representatives from three World Bank Group (WBG) sectors: Health, Nutrition, and Population; Agriculture; and Poverty. Past WBG President Robert Zoellick’s “open knowledge” agenda (i.e. open data, open knowledge, open solutions) and new analyses that emerged from the devastating food/fuel/finance crises rejuvenated the Bank’s focus on nutrition and the links with food security. This was the genesis of SecureNutrition.

As of 2014, SecureNutrition is in second Phase. This includes an expanded focus on nutrition-sensitive social protection supported through funding from the Russian Federation along with continued emphasis on agriculture/nutrition linkages. However, the project is leveraging resources to support additional sectors and cross-cutting themes that impact nutrition status, in particular WASH, health, and early child development.

Goals and Objectives

The transformational goal of SecureNutrition is to support WBG staff and other stakeholders to catalyze and foster increased nutrition-sensitive investments and activities across all key underlying drivers of nutrition, both within WBG and among other global stakeholders.

In line with this overarching goal, the objectives of SecureNutrition Phase II are to:

  1. Improve access to knowledge: To strengthen the “Open Bank” agenda through capturing tacit knowledge, co-generation of knowledge outputs, an improved network of internal and external partnerships, and more effective use of innovative dissemination channels.
  2. Build awareness and foster collaboration: To increase the understanding of the linkages between nutrition and its key underlying drivers, and provide a platform for shared understanding and collaboration.
  3. Incentivize learning and contribute to the global evidence base: To leverage Bank and external partners’ design and testing innovative approaches to integration of nutrition-sensitive activities.
  4. Generate and build on operational knowledge: To increase commitment and provide incentives to achieve enhanced nutrition results.


SecureNutrition’s primary audience comprises WBG staff who manage development projects in low- and middle-income client countries and their managers. In Phase II the external SecureNutrition community will continue to be prioritized as vital collaborators in the effort to build operational knowledge and the global evidence base for nutrition-sensitive intervention. This secondary audience includes: government staff; technical experts; staff of other large donor organizations and UN agencies who fund nutrition-sensitive projects; staff of non-governmental organizations and foundations both international and local; and other civil society organizations.


We invite website users to submit event, resource, and blog suggestions. In each case, the submission will be received and reviewed by the SecureNutrition team within the World Bank Group. Decisions to include and/or promote material will be made according to several criteria: (1) technical relevance to nutrition-sensitive programming, (2) quality of the information, (3) quality of the writing, (4) novelty, and (5) alignment of information with key global initiatives. We are genuinely appreciative of any and all submissions, and will endeavor to return your emails within 3 business days. 


Visitors are welcome and encouraged to leave comments on blogs posted to the SecureNutrition website. All comments enter a moderation queue before being approved to appear on the site. This may take up to one business day. 

In order to have a comment published, it will:

  1. Avoid profanity, cursing, or personal attacks; and
  2. Relate clearly to the blog content.

Visitors are encouraged to adhere to good principles of dialogue, including courtesy for the author of the blog, inclusion of other visitors who also may continue the conversation based on your comment, integrity of your writing in crafting a thoughtful response, and translation of how the blog content relates to your own work or experience. 


Primary funding for Phase II of SecureNutrition comes from the Russian Federation. Phase II will leverage resources to support additional sectors and cross-cutting themes that impact nutrition status (e.g. water/sanitation, health, education).


SecureNutrition is managed in the Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice (GP) of the World Bank, and is governed through a cross-sectoral team, composed of representatives of the five GPs currently represented on the website at launch (Health, Nutrition & Population; Social Protection & Labor; Agriculture; Poverty; Water). A Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from related GPs and external partners meets at minimum once per year for discussion of strategic directions and review of SecureNutrition progress on objectives. Additionally, an annual user survey is conducted.


SecureNutrition partners with Bank and other stakeholders in several ways.

  • Knowledge exchange and events. First and foremost, SecureNutrition relies on individuals and other organizations to share knowledge products (reports, peer reviewed literature, blogs, etc.). We are happy to post relevant documents, events and blogs on the website. We also provide a LinkedIn discussion group for job postings and other open calls. We also undertake major fora such as the Global Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection, held in Moscow in September 2015.
  • Seminar Series. SecureNutrition hosts a seminar series that is open to the public for participation either in-person or via web-streaming. Let us know if you’re interested in co-hosting a seminar with us. securenutrition@securenutritionplatform.org
  • Special campaigns. In Phase I, SecureNutrition partnered with Save the Children UK and GAIN to sponsor the Harvesting Nutrition contest showcasing projects from around the globe that bridge gaps between agriculture, food security, and nutrition, highlight the achievements and progress of external partners.